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SEO Services for Hotels

Are you a property owner who has a hotel that caters to tourists? If the website of your hotel is not yet optimized, trust us with that responsibility. A website that is not listed in the search engines is missing out on traffic and losing out opportunities of direct booking. You can optimize your website so that it performs better.

Avoid SEO Complications

Be aware of someone who pledges to get your property to Google’s first spot on the SERPs for a keyword that is highly competitive. Remember this is a promise no one can make. It is really up to the Google algorithm to take the decision. These days, it is pretty difficult to hoodwink Google’s algorithm. A lot of companies make these crazy promises that never show results. The major reason for that is that they are black hat strategies such as content farming and shady link building. The practices could have helped in the past, but now they will penalize your website.

We do not use black hat methods that lead to penalties in Google’s constant search of algorithm updates. We are savvy with Google’s updates and optimize your hotel website accordingly. These updates are created with a single goal: to offer more useful content for the search engine users. Each update either addresses or penalizes the black hat SEO practices and reward quality content in some way or another. For this reason, we use the best practices that help you make the most from you website and avoid any such penalties.

High End Compelling Content

Good performance in the search engines is all about creating content which is useful for those who are looking for you and your property. The search engines try to provide users with the best possible content and while they might come cracking down heavily on spammed backlinks, they will hardly penalize content that is relevant and informative.

  • Optimization of Keywords: Stashing keywords on your page to rank your content can be one of the most convenient ways to get penalized. While keyword cramming is bad, you can always think about what people might type into their search boxes if they want to book a stay or reserve a room in your hotel. Optimize your homepage for location, type of lodging and the local attractions nearby, such as ‘hotels near the Eiffel Tower’. You may even use the keyword tools for identifying the popularly searched keywords when visitors look for your hotel. in order to rank your keyword, you should include it in your page in a natural and useful manner.
  • Get Social: Social media platforms such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest are not the best alternatives to share information regarding your hotel as well as interact with your guests. They also affect your rankings in the search engines. Google considers social interactions as signs of growth.

We help you create strong SEO signals to lead to a robust online presence. Get in touch with us to rank your hotel website today.