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Why choose Wordpress development?

There are a lot of reasons why many web developers are turning to Wordpress for designing new websites. Many would consider Wordpress as simple blogging software but there is more power and dimension to it. Today almost one out of four websites are built using Wordpress. So it is no longer just a blogging platform, one can find business websites, communities, networks, blogs and other online streams that use this as their framework. There are no limits to what you can do with the use of Wordpress.

Open Source

WordPress presents as an open source platform which means using, editing or modifying it is free. There are few sophisticated plugins, themes and other add ons that can cost money, but there are ways by which one can achieve a quality Wordpress site without spending a lot of money. Wordpress being an open source program, there is no official support provided. But the forums and support documentation for Wordpress is complete to solve all the queries and provide skills of usability and designing.

Customisable without using Coding

The key advantage of selecting Wordpress is to that you actually have to know nothing about coding languages or web development. There are simple customization options that you can use to adjust layouts, colors, and themes without needing the skill of PHP, HTML or CSS.

 Web Developers find it friendly

Even though Wordpress doesn’t need coding skills, developers who are familiar with it can edit and create their customized websites easily. Wordpress cuts down the amount of time required to build a website and make it live. With a detailed framework both novices and web developers can have a great result from this tool.

Thousands of Themes and plugins

There are thousands of themes and plugins available for Wordpress. There are both free and premium themes available for users. The free themes are often plain types with less number of features, whereas the premium ones include additional features in them. But with the knowledge of HTML and PHP one will have no problem with modifying the free themes based on their requirements.

Plugins add more features to your website like add-ons on mobile phones. Some popular plugins provide features such as slideshows, social media integration, and contact forms. Just like there are plugins to enhance user experience there are also plugins that help in seo and improving the site performance.

 Installation is Simple

More and more web owners are choosing Wordpress for their site and web companies have taken notice of this. Installing Wordpress now is easy with the help of web hosting companies who have automated this process. It is easy to set up and install on any server. 


More reasons why Wordpress for your website

Comprehensive administrator dashboard that is easy to learn and use

Full control on website

Responsive Wordpress themes are compatible with mobiles, tablets and desktops

Wordpress web developers are widely available

Google likes Wordpress as it is content organized and SEO friendly

Wordpress is known as the best blogging platform of today

Supports Multi user capability, one step posting, RSS feeds and others

Wordpress has proven to be the best CMS online. So there should be no doubt in choosing Wordpress when you want to create a website for business, blog or any other purpose.

Is Wordpress web development right one for you?

If you are planning to start a new website, then researching about Wordpress is worth the effort. Wordpress is the right platform for people who are looking to improve their online presence. Most commonly Wordpress is popular as a blogging platform but it can be used for business websites as well. Many of the big brands such as PlayStation, CNN, People magazine, New York Times, Ford, and others use Wordpress to power their websites.

Below are 6 reasons why Wordpress is the best web platform for you

Wordpress is growing, there are no signs of coming down

Wordpress being an open source content management system it has spread like a wildfire. Today according to recent statistics taken in Feb, Wordpress powers 74,652,825 sites on the internet which is a percentage of 18.9% of all the websites on internet. Web developers, web designers and also users like Wordpress because of its simplicity and dimension.

Wordpress more than blogging platform

Some years back Wordpress was called to be a blogging platform. Along with still being the best blogging solution, it has turned out to be a comprehensive Content Management Suite that can power various business sites, websites, classified ads, and job boards.

WordPress is cost-effective

Developing and managing a content management system like Wordpress costs a lot of money. While Wordpress is freely available and it is customizable, there is no need to ask for anything else. The plugins for Wordpress are also generally free and customizable.

 WordPress is Flexible

Wordpress shares its source code with the public following open source spirit. Web developers can snoop and modify codes whenever customization is necessary for their site. This can also be done on plugins and themes as well. The web developers and designers have access to resources shared by worldwide community and forums.

WordPress is SEO friendly

Wordpress is liked by popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and bing. If you are looking for a strong seo foundation for your website, choosing Wordpress is the right thing to do. Adding fresh content on the website becomes easy while using Wordpress. This increases the rank of your webs

Finding solutions for Wordpress is easy

Plugins can be easily installed on Wordpress through dashboard. When you want to add a particular functionality in your website, you can do a quick search in Wordpress search tool and find a plugin. There are thousands of plugins in the Wordpress library that can offer functionalities you need for the site.

Wordpress offers many more benefits along with the above-mentioned ones. The only problem that many face about Wordpress is customization of requirements. To make this easy, we offer cheap Wordpress development services. Based on the type of customization you need we quote a price that is amazingly cheap compared to other web developers on the internet. The quality Wordpress services that we offered over the years have worked great for many businesses. If you are looking for the right Wordpress web developer at an affordable cost, Contact us.