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Law Firm Website Design

Running a Law Firm is no easy business. While you’re focusing on winning legal cases and helping clients, you also need to emphasis the more traditional elements of running a business. This includes, not least of all, having a smooth, functioning websites that attracts clients, rather than turning them away. Yet good, effective website design is a deep niche in its own right. With the likes of HTML and CCS to choosing the right CMS, the numerous acronyms and options available can be simply staggering. Yet this isn’t even including the more basis elements of modern design – so where can law firms turn to. Our Law Firm Web Design is designed to solve this problem. We understand how to build fantastic websites that meet the growing demands and needs of legal enterprises.

What Does Your Law Firm Need Out Of A Website? 

Today’s world is heading online at growing pace and the legal industry is no different. When people need lawyers or legal firms – whether it’s in their home town or across the nation – they first turn to the internet. If you’re not online, or you don’t have a modern, polished website, you’re going to start losing out on potential revenue.

Your legal team might not understand how a website works behind the scenes, but they surely understand how vital a good first impression is. Your website is exactly that. It tells customers that you are professional, that you offer services that could help them and have the expertise to win.

On top of all this, you also have to consider SEO and general visibility. A great website needs to be noticed to drive traffic. Fortunately, this is another area that we can help you with. From the ground up, everything we do is designed with SEO in mind, ensuring people can easily find your website and convert into paying customers.

Our Web Services for Law Firms 

We offer a wide range of Services for our legal clients. They range from website design, web development, digital marketing (SEO) and PPC (Google Adwords)

1. Website Design - Having a unique Law website design is the most important part of the branding & marketing process of your law firm

2. Web Development - We develop law websites that are easy for lawyers to manage and edit on a day to day basis.

3. Law SEO Optimisation - Our team caters to lawyers who require an in-depth, full-service approach to search engine marketing. 

4. Content writing and Marketing -  If you have been struggling with writing content or marketing your website, we can help.


What Makes Our Law Design Company Different? 

We have an excellent team of Web Designers and Digital marketing professionals who work together in developing a unique, well-optimised SEO-friendly site that ranks well within the search engines.

1. We are a Multi-talented team - We will not only design and develop your website but also give your website life by marketing it at the top of the search engines. 

2. 5-star support team - Our team works around the clock so you can drop us an email and we will get back to you with 24 hours. 

3. Fully Integrated service - We specialise primarily in building high-quality law websites for legal firms across the globe. Our full integrated service is what makes us the best law website design company.

Why WordPress for your Law Firm Website?

A CMS also known as a content management system, is a tool that allows you manage the content of your website independently. WordPress is regarded as a flexible, highly customizable, super user-friendly, and is a great content management system (CMS) for any website.  It can be used for blogs, small business websites, and even e-commerce. (Woo-commerce)We have experienced highly skilled WordPress developers that can bring your idea or goal to life and add that unique custom touch you always wanted.

Our Law Web Design Development Process

A) Theme Installation - We will install premium Law WordPress theme or template and edit it according to your requirements

B) Premium Plugins - Our developers will install all the must-have plug-ins for you and tweak them accordingly

C) Theme Customisation - We provide a full range of WordPress theme & template development & customisation services.

D) Content Development - Our copywriters can help in writing unique content for your site & blog to make sure you stay ahead of other law firms.

E) SEO - A comprehensive SEO Services campaign to help law firms generate leads, acquire customers and grow revenue.

Wordpress Law Theme Customisation

At Lowcostseo, everything 'Wordpress' is our strong point, and we endeavor to provide you with Wordpress theme customization and development services that let you adapt and transform your themes to solutions that are all-inclusive, versatile, and riveting. While developing your themes to suit your law firm's requirements, our developers take every measure to keep it responsive and compatible across all platforms. Our developers ensure that your site is clean-coded and SEO friendly as we understand the importance of ranking for a law firm within Google and other search engines.

Custom Content Management System

If you need to edit or tweak your website frequently then you should consider a Content Management System (CMS) instead of a static website. A Content Management System (CMS) Website will allow you or your fellow lawyers /employees to add and edit content on your law website from an administrative panel which is secured with a password. These CMS systems are useful and very easy to use because you do not need HTML training in order to add new pages or to edit or delete content for your site.Our easy-to-use, secure Content management system (CMS) will enable you to create, edit and publish your website content easily. 

What our Law Website Design Team Offers? 

Lowcostseo is also a recognized mobile application development company, with large-scale experiences in constructing mobile applications, compatible for every mobile platform such as: iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS and Windows Mobile. Mobile and desktop designs will be retina ready and super flexible.

We follow every trend there is and collaborate it with advertising and developing techniques when it comes to SEO and PPC services as well. We keep track on every browsing website’s updates and algorithm changes, especially the major ones like Google, Yahoo! and Bing, to ensure that the websites we generate will always be in line with the current rules and regulations.

Because of our long-running and excellent history, we have various portfolios and samples accessible for future clients. The selection of portfolios come in different aspects, language, purpose, and design to exhibit a variety of creations our site can toil on.

Our company’s members are always ready and fully equipped with both tools and knowledge for developing another usable web page - for another creative client.
Through accepting challenging projects from clients around the globe, Lawfirmwebsitedesign.co is now evolving with its dedicated members and growing platform. As the web grows, so will our value and consistency. Every project we work on, will be an upgrade from our previous successful assignments.

Why Website Design Matters for Law Firms? 

Let’s imagine that the internet is the society while your website is a person. If the person is not well informed or well dressed, there’s a 98% chance people would keep on ignoring them. But if that person seemed professional enough, they will surely engage in a conversation.

This goes for web design as well. The internet is expanding so as its standards. Before, it was simpler to generate a site with only the needed information and calling to the customer because that was the one-dimensional times. Right now, implementing a boring site would only cost you time and effort without the rewards.
Legal sites are often viewed as a professional site where it requires simplicity and less fancy. This is doable.
But your website design should not only focus on its outer view, it must include its clicking and loading system, especially the mobile-friendly features.

Initial Design
By joining the simplicity bandwagon, don’t forget to be unique. Choose friendly colors for people searching legal services. Use the strengths of your law firm and apply them on your site. For example, customer satisfaction, articles about the most crucial or most searched law issue. Anything that screams “professional” and “trusted” at the same time.
Include information details: Contact, address, e-mail and a list of categorized attorneys for different practices.

Quick Loading
After the outer view, let’s consider the facts: We are on the internet, we need to garner viewers with SEO tools, it’s a competition out there.
One major issue why an online visitor immediately closes a website: slow loading. This is stressful for everyone. Oftentimes it’s not the internet connection that slows down the loading speed, it can be your site’s problem too. More than 40% of the people stick to a website that loads less than 2 seconds. When it is delayed by just a second, these people end up closing the tab. This information is the source why every major site improves their coding day by day. Some basics to enhance your site’s speed is to enable compression, reduce multiple plugins and redirects. There are many ways to do this and if you remove one second of loading time for your legal site, it can increase your visitor numbers. Did you know that Google reduces a site’s ranking if it is not mobile-friendly? Unfortunately, yes. More and more users depend on phones rather than the computers, so if you are trying to publish one, dig in about the do’s and don’ts of SEO.

Marketing is Important Too
It’s a misconception to think that between web design and SEO, only one holds an importance. Both of them are. These two major factors of creating a website go side by side to reach a high measure of local or international visits.

Web Design and SEO Investments
Two choices, manually code for your site or collaborate with a promising law firm web design company. Whatever the choice is, keep in mind that the quality will improve your quantity especially when it comes to search engine algorithms.

THE 3 Things your web developer wished you know? 

The interesting part of being a web developer is the idea that someone trusts them to complete one task or another. It is a matter of finding something great in a project and trying to make it better just to please a client. Except sometimes – scratch that – most of the time, it does not begin that way. There are times when a customer is not equipped with the right information about web development, leaving the developers moving slowly than expected.

First: We Appreciate It If You Are Specific

Although web developing is not a pre-school subject for everyone to know in a blink of an eye, it still deserves more effort when it comes research. It is okay to know just a few things, as long as there is no rush on a project. But if the timetable is shorter, the finished product will come quicker if both sides are on the same page.

Most web developing sites prefer to have a full understanding of the project and its outcome. We follow through such plans displayed for us, making sure it is 100% error free. Which is why if the project proposal is clearer, the site should be swiftly ready.

Second: Yes, We Love Coding a Great Website; No, It Is Not Always Simple

Website developing and coding is one of the most mind-boggling practices we know of (except some programming tasks that does not involve coding – but that is another story). Following a pattern of creating the safest and strongest site might be familiar to us, yet things start to vary when it comes to the request of clients. When updating a certain site, we try to be careful not to dismiss any important code and refrain from making mistakes. This needs time, concentration, repetition and effort.

But then again. That’s the great thing about doing what we love, the more we get confused about it, the more we produce solutions for fixing future errors and touch-ups.

Last: Web Developers Can be Magicians, Sometimes

Being called a “web magician” is one of the coolest compliments a web developer can hear, but it should not be used as an excuse for us to actually do magic. Because we don’t. An imagined platform for your website might have the best features that are possibly non-existent in the web developing world at this time.

We keep tabs on the trend and try our best to join the ride every time there is one new aspect discovered when it comes to doing our job. Still, practicality and good judgement must be involved when you are ready to collaborate with a web developing site. This way, we can focus on what’s doable and by working together, we might just come up with a new technique to actually put that imaginary feature into life.

Lawfirmwebdesign.co is pleased to inform our future clients that we are ready to work with you anytime. When we are both equipped with the right information, tools and niche, we might just end up generating the best law firm website.

Best Features for Law Firm Web Design

Generating a web page for your law firm may not be an easy thing, just the same as winning a court case or even working with a client. But to juggle all three at once surely depicts heavy responsibilities and stress. But some web creators, who works in the law industry, are willing to get through these challenges and educate themselves about the best features when it comes to law firm web design. In this article, you are to find the most important factors and why they matter.

Responsive Web Designs

Did you know that more and more people are using their phones when it comes to search engines? You probably realized that too when you did exactly that. Which is why creating a responsive web design does not just makes your site fancy, it also expands the options when it comes to reaching your site. Pc or mobile, your site must work properly and equally.

Collaborating with a law firm web design company that offers great services might also be a plus for busy attorneys since most of the companies are now very well educated and equipped when it comes to web design. Finding a worthy investment will reduce the stress for generating a website.

Social Media Interaction for Attorneys

What garners more local visitors (or even larger than that) is customer interaction. Doing so elaborates the Attorney’s skills and professionalism when they are not meeting with them face to face. This will come in handy for small law firms to grow their prospective client numbers. To do this, while making a distinctive definition for your lawyer, include social media accounts where they can respond to people.

Uncomplicated Ways of Reaching You

The biggest misconception for law firm web design is that, if you create a complex site, you might be approved as a professional one. Unfortunately, as believable as that is, it does not work all the time. For starters, most users of the web are not entirely familiar with the changes of designs. It is practical if you keep it simple for them to search, read information, articles and testimonies as well as contacting your firm.

Inform the web developer about your site’s design emphasizing that it must look professional and simple at the same time. Creating your own doable and interesting design might also be helpful for securing the visitor’s interest.

Use Your Basic Photography Skills

Reduce the use of stock photos. Let us keep it between your company and your site. Experiment with what pictures can be applicable for your site that would capture your client’s interest and familiarity. If you want to hire a photographer, that would be fine, as long as the quality remains over quantity.

Some sites still use stock photos that are unrelated to their subject, make sure not to come across this mistake.

Honestly speaking, there are many ways to produce the best law firm web design, but exaggerating is not an option since we are in the professional field. Ask yourself when you look at the final product of your site, do I want to entrust my problems to this law firm? We hope the answer is yes.

Tips on How Small Law Firms Can Connect with Their Potential Clients

For small law firms or solo practitioners, competition is tough. First of all, there are major firms out there with strong websites and advertising techniques and most of them already attract such clients. But that should not be a reason to worry because there is definitely a chance for small law firms to slowly succeed. To do so, we make sure we:

Know Who We Want to Interact With

It could be a certain town or a legal issue that you practiced in. Who are those clients you can help? Do their cases seems probable for you to deal with? Do you want to attract clients locally or nationally? Answering these questions can help you with your SEO keywords and law firm designs. Categorize the people who needs what you can offer.

Have Responsive Web Designs

Since the goal is already set, let us come up with a design for your site. The rules for law firm sites are easy: make it look simple, unique and professional. Use designs that are easy for people to access, multimedia items that are relevant for your practice (avoid unnecessary stock photos for the sake of having one) and contact information that will serve as the window for the clients to interact with you.

Produce Necessary Content

When your site is ready, produce articles or blogs that can serve as a guide for your online visitors to gain knowledge of the services you offer. For example: a client is interested to know the do’s and dont’s of their case and they want your professional opinion. If we depend on the contact page or email alone, it might consume most of your time, considering you also have a job to do outside the site. With these articles, we present an overview for the clients to read, plus you can use it for Search Engine Optimization.

For the articles, just make them accurate as possible. Be concise and include keywords on its link, title, and body. Organize these articles by putting them under categories so that it will be easy for the people to find the exact blog to read.

Additionally, prepare content for you Frequently Asked Questions page, this will be really helpful for you and your future client.

Prove Reliability to the Public

Let us put up your most excellent experiences and use it as a portfolio for the clients to see. Collect testimonials or news articles about your previous work. Include professionally taken photos for support as well.

For website designs, there are two categories in our company, the WordPress Website and the Custom CMS Websites.

WordPress is the most common platform used and lawfirmwebsitedesign.co has a team of experts that can improve the default offers from WP. We install and customize themes that are compatible for law firm sites.

While for those who prefer Custom CMS Websites, lawfirmwebsitedesign.co can also guarantee help for improving your content, SEO and support system for a manageable and secure website. We believe in quantity over quality.

What Are the Best Themes for Law Websites?

ou’ve heard us saying it repeatedly, the rules for designing your law firm website includes simplicity, professionalism and uniqueness. To achieve that, we need to take advantage of online marketing tools like SEO, web development, responsive design and such. But how about your law firm’s theme? What are the best themes for law websites?

There are two things we should consider: a theme that is user-friendly and mobile-friendly. It must be easy for the visitor to browse the site and for the owner to customize it. Compatibility with browsers and other gadgets is also a must.

In this article, we’ll focus on the best themes for a WordPress website. These themes are from Themeforest with good user experience that costs under $60.

Lawyer Base

This WordPress theme is designed to be responsive and it is perfect for practitioners who are not web professionals. If offers three layout styles plus generating an attorney’s profile can be done in less than 10 minutes. It supports Woocommerce plugins at $59.


This theme is one of the cheapest yet it guarantees responsiveness and it has 14 custom home widgets with 2 custom header and footer options that practitioners can switch from. It is coded by developers with good knowledge about SEO which makes it a good option for small businesses who want to rank well in local Google searches. It is WPML compatible at $22. (It currently runs a summer promo.)

Human Rights

HumanRights theme is designed for owners to customize its visual elements anytime without harming its codes. It has a modern look perfect for those who prefer websites that will benefit the younger visitors. It is available at Themeforest for $59.


TheGem does not solely produce law firm themes but it can generate various themes that has high quality SEO and fast loading speed. It is also responsive that can benefit may devices with pre-made demo pages for practitioners to choose from. Since it offers a lot of features, TheGem has prepared a support system to help website owners develop their site in the best way possible. It is compatible with multiple plugins and it’s WPML compatible at $59.


This theme attracts those who are running larger firms as it provides a theme that can showcase attorney profiles. It is a custom services post type and it is compatible with all important functionalities to keep a stronger site. It isn’t complicated to adjust and a variety of shortcodes is ready to benefit the site. They allow adding custom meta for each item on your page for Search Engine Optimization. It is priced at $49.

Once you pick a certain theme that you think will be perfect for your law firm website, you will be the own boss of how it’s going to be like. Working with Lowcostseo can assist you in making your site better. We offer WordPress website development from installing a premium theme and editing it according to your requirements, to producing powerful SEO services that can guarantee the return of your investments.

Which Development Platform Can You Use for Your Website?

Choosing a development platform is one of the important decisions to make when building a website since it is the foundation of your creation. There are various platforms available for different industries out there. But in this article, we’ll discuss the best options for your small law firm website.


You have heard about WordPress many times if you’ve been reading a lot of articles about website development. WP is well-known because it is easy to customize and it does not require the user to be a professional web developer at all (but it’s still a plus). It may take some time to understand the whole process but many would swear that building a website in WordPress is a no-brainer.

WordPress is also preferred by search engines like Google as it offers responsive designs and thousands of themes and plugins, available for free or at an affordable price.

This is a good choice for small law firms because they can easily incorporate powerful SEO that will help generate traffic on the site. If you’re looking for affordable themes, Themeforest offers around 37 thousand web templates for you to choose from.


Here’s another cheap platform that also offers manageable templates at a low cost (paid yearly or monthly). Wix uses AJAX and HTML5 technology to easily allow your website to have its full background intact while the content changes.

Wix also has a long list of law firm templates and most of them focuses on easy-to-access themes where you can put in your contact number, practice areas, information and such. It is a suggested platform as it also allows site owners to incorporate SEO to improve its visibility in local online searches.


As the name of the platform suggests, it’s all about law firm websites. Perhaps you’ll find local firms that prefer LawLytics. It could be a better choice compared to the websites mentioned above but the features might have some limitations. Still, the designs they offer are meant for lawyers to understand and to make their site look professional.

This platform also involves marketing services to improve online visibility and expert advice and training when things get rough. Whether it’s a small or large firm, LawLytics can be the best foundation for your site.

Custom CMS Website

Some of those mentioned above are perfect for those who don’t have in-depth knowledge when it comes to web design. But if you prefer full control over your law firm site, then we suggest you work with a professional web developer to build you a custom CMS website.

You won’t have to worry about third-party relations. Instead, you are going to be the boss and you can implement stronger security if you find a developer that can produce powerful codes.

Building a custom CMS website will be expensive and time consuming than those open-source platforms. But if none of their features fit your standards, then maybe it’s time for your law firm to generate a strongly coded site.

As the internet community grows, more and more platforms will offer better services than those we already know about. Law firm websites may require professional help to acquire more clients.