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SEO Services for Medical Practices

Search engine optimization has developed into a major industry in the world of online business. The number of people using the internet has enhanced exponentially all over the world. In the same vein, more and more people are looking for pertinent information in the field of health and medical care. This has led to the growth of several health and medical websites and as a consequence, the competition between the websites to rank higher up the search engines has also increased. Optimizers look for health and medical keywords that compete against one another.

SEO experts in the health industry are in maximum demand. SEO comprises a series of methods that help in increasing the visibility of your website in the search engine results. Basically, it means that your chances of being found when patients look for the services and treatments offered will also increase. This means a combination of onsite and offsite aspects. The aim of our SEO health campaign is to drive high-end traffic to your website, outdo the competition and earn new patients.

Importance of SEO for Medical Practices

When consumers look for health-related information, the first place that they will look for is in the search engine. This includes the major names such as Yahoo, Bing, Google, and MSN. Indeed, looking for health-related information is one of the most frequent online activities that internet users of all age groups practice. We believe that the only way to reach out to this niche market is through quality healthcare SEO.

With so many people looking for healthcare and medical information on the internet, there is a considerable opportunity for organizations which use SEO strategies for reaching out to their target audiences. It also indicates that business that cannot be found on the search engines are missing out on this huge opportunity for accessing the very people that need them the most. Whether you are a specialty medical practitioner, a local clinic, a hospital, or a company catering to the pharmaceutical or medical industries, or if you are in the healthcare business, it is important for your target audiences to find you online.

How We Can Help Your Medical Practice Get To Page 1

We are specialized in working with qualified medical professionals and healthcare institutions of all sizes so as to locate the various specific areas of healthcare terminology that are related to your niche market, and most effective to target using healthcare SEO. We can offer you guidance through a well-planned SEO procedure in order to optimize results. The highlights of our services include:

  • Research and Discovery: By defining the goals of your campaign and assessing the level of competition, website structure, strategic terms, and core performance.
  • Implementation: Optimized website pages and application of best professional SEO strategies.
  • Analysis: We monitor and report your website performance with suitable recommendations and assessment of your ROI.

We know that the ultimate aim of any SEO campaign is not to attract visitors to your website, but also to transform these visits into goals to work upon. We make sure that your campaign produces quantifiable results that benefit your business.




A simple website just won’t cut it. To get more patients for your medical services, a good SEO strategy is needed. Optimize your marketing costs. No compromises; just full-on medical SEO that is carefully customized to your medical practices.

Take the lead and be the medical practitioner a patient needs for treatment. Be the authority!

Changes are afoot in the healthcare industry. Many patients -- roughly 63% of them are seeking treatment clinics and medical practitioners in search engines. People tend to click the first 3 searches and if your clinic isn’t in the top 3 you lose a LOT already to your competitors.

While it is also understandable that competition in the medical field can be tight, that is no reason for you not to enlist for medical SEO services. In fact, you can go ahead by climbing your site’s ranking on top of search engines.

Now, this is where SEO services for medical practices come in. Not only does it help your clinic or treatment center gets seen on the top pages in search engines --- you get many advantages in getting more patients to your medical facility. Just remember, even medical practitioners can get a boost in their profession with proper medical SEO services.

How Does This Work?

In the realm of digital marketing, not many can master the ins and outs of  SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you are into the medical field for years and not enough patients now are the time for you to seek a medical internet marketing company that not just understands effective strategies -- you need a marketing company that specializes in medical SEO that can lead your professional services to the top!

Effective medical marketing strategies take time and careful planning. One of these, simply, is the basic steps in establishing your services so more individuals can reach out to you:

  1. How to steer through added regulations and adhere with patient privacy practices
  2. How to establish long-lasting relationships with both health practitioners and patients
  3. How to best place your medical facility’s brand in your marketplace


If you want to get more patients while making the most of your marketing costs and boosting revenue, it’s high time to know more what Lowcostseo can do for your medical facility.

Ready to start? Let’s talk and see our numerous successful marketing medical SEO campaigns here by contacting us.

Here’s What’s Included in Our Medical SEO Services

The best medical marketing SEO companies are hands-on in their daily monitoring and refining your online medical SEO, which includes your website visibility in the search results and establishing your brand across the web. We do this by implementing the process below:


  1. We use a proprietary data tracking software for furnishing a competitive digital marketing analysis to know how you hold up against your competitors in the top three search results.
  2. Carry out keyword research and pick out the top patient-driving search keywords and  terms in your  market area and industry
  3. Build your baseline for website off-site citations, structure and code, local visibility, and content then measure it to your competitors to make an effective plan to drive sales
  4. Generate actionable consistent SEO plan for medical professionals and goals for revenue



  1. Set up call tracking and Google Analytics
  2. Mobile-friendly, fast and secure medical
  3. Set up and fix your website’s code and structure to ensure it is with only the best SEO practices
  4. Optimize your website pages for creative content and visibility in search engines
  5. Edit and optimize your existing website pages for search visibility and creative content
  6. Initiate optimization on conversion rate, i.e.navigational links, buttons and contact forms to ensure easy navigation for your patients



  1. Fresh, well-targeted content with keywords in your medical website that helps boost local search rankings and gives an easy experience to users
  2. Produce content that is SEO-optimized such as videos and infographics for healthcare
  3. Create content significant with digital assistants and voice search



  1. Find and assess existing citations across online directories like Facebook, Yelp, and other social media sites including industry-specific directories
  2. Modify your medical facility’s Google My Business page for your business hours, maps listing, business contact number/s, business address or area of service
  3. Optimize your medical company’s Facebook page for local SEO best practices
  4. Backlinks to establish online authority



  1. Deliver solid revenue attribution and simple, easy to understand monthly correspondences on the results and status of all your medical SEO campaigns, likewise with the incoming timeline/marketing schedule as part of the medical SEO campaign
  2. Deliver correspondences on recorded and monitored incoming phone calls, and analyze separately monitored phone lines for every marketing channel (this feature is optional, but recommended)
  3. Daily monitoring of analytics to watch for any discrepancies (penalties, hacks, anomalies) or other events that could negatively affect sales



  1. Leads, calls, organic traffic, and keyword rankings
  2. Monitor the keywords rankings of your competitors
  3. Track and record your top 3 competitors in search engines
  4. Track and record search trends and keywords that are significant in the healthcare and medical industry
  5. Regularly optimize and boost medical marketing your campaign for better performance and results


Reasons Why We Can Work AND Optimize Your Medical With Best SEO Practices


It is all about hearing out our client and customizes what they will truly need to get ahead. No other extras required. Just straight-to-the-point tools. All this involves careful steps before executing a very solid strategy or two for your medical SEO campaign. And this is why we have medical professionals as clients that we take good care of, for years.

 At Lowcostseo, we try and let our clients speak for us. Please have a look at our search engine optimization reviews and discover straight from honest reviews why we are chosen by our clients as the best SEO company for their marketing needs. You will soon learn that everything we work hard and smart about is all based on a broader perspective of a business owner.

With us, at Lowcostseo we treat your business as our own.

Now let’s get down to the details… why our offer has a few but solid guarantees other SEO marketing companies don’t:

Long-term contracts are the least of our concern. While contracts are the ties that bind, we focus more on working hard and give you what you want for your marketing campaign.

Each and every single deliverable belongs to you. Some SEO marketing companies won’t even allow you to keep your work, Not us, we will deliver them everything to you all throughout the marketing medical campaign.

We will optimize your medical marketing costs. We keep on mentioning this because it is one of the essential parts of staying on top of the search engines. We track, estimate, and analyze for any possible improvements needed for your medical website. And doing so helps lessen costs, increases results.

Tell us what else you would want for your medical website and we will work on it. In the digital world, search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO, is an investment and goes for the long haul. We don’t only talk about these things with our clients; we conceptualize, plan, build, and execute your marketing campaign.

As our client, you will get a team of web marketing experts: account manager, and an awesome team of web designers, analysts, and a US-based copywriter to put exactly what you want on your website.

Monthly reports/correspondences will be delivered to you on time. Don’t worry, we assure you that these reports will be easy to understand. We work on the technicalities, and you revel in the results.

Trusted by Many Healthcare Professionals Since 2008

We have over 10 years of experience in handling numerous medical marketing SEO campaigns. Here at Lowcostseo, our team knows and absolutely understand the competition and requirements necessary of a profitable SEO marketing campaign. That said, your business will be taken care of by a dedicated, hardworking team of only the best digital technology experts: PPC and campaign manager armed with knowledge in marketing for medical professionals in their field.

A successful marketing campaign need not be complicated!

Years and years of online marketing campaigns have taught us at Lowcostseo especially in providing medical SEO services. On the whole, it may sound daunting and time-wasting on everyone’s part, but think again.

Almost everyone does their research on the Internet. With the many hopeful patients seeking for reliable, trusted medical treatment facilities every day there is no reason for you not to sign up with us AND get more patient appointments.

With this in mind, know that you will be backed by a team of trusted web marketing professionals. Your goal becomes ours, and we will work smart for you to achieve what you truly want.

Make your online presence known. Now!

There is nothing more worth smiling about when you know that your medical SEO campaign IS working. We have effective solutions to make your website rank on top in your area. Whichever medical field you are in, we will start with the basics and garner positive results. All this is backed by us here at Lowcostseo and it is a promise that we ever fulfill to our valuable clients.

Content Marketing At Best

Most people on the Internet don’t like to read that much. They click on a website and scan. Only 46% of online readers pay attention to what they’re looking for, and that’s just about it.

In this case, we are talking about patients with the hopes of finding a licensed medical or healthcare professional for appointments. Some look for a nearby medical facility where they can easily visit. With a well-written content on your website, the individual instantly knows your specialization and where your facility can be found.

That’s just one of the many advantages of a medical website fully backed by a company that knows SEO marketing. A simple yet concise content of what you offer can attract plenty of patients. The more compelling a content is, the more patients you can get to your office.

Let us work on your website and have it ranked #1 on Google’s 1st Page

This process may sound easy but it is not. We at Lowcostseo invest a lot of time planning, collaborating, and formulating effective strategies to make a website’s presence powerful. And not just attractive to many prospects -- it will rank first on Google’s 1st page -- and it is our job to do just that.

From keyword research to competition analysis, the work goes on to ensure you only the best results. Your business is our priority. Let us make the most of it!

In a nutshell…

So we have already laid out what we can do for you. Our clients have us maintaining their medical/healthcare websites for a long time because our work is consistent. And we plan on keeping it that way.

Sometimes just the idea of having a website can cause a person to consider mostly the cons. But with us, it’s mostly pros. We value your ideas and aims, and we will do all the necessary work.

You can contact us here for more details and choose the best medical SEO service package for your healthcare facility or service.