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Yelp SEO

When we want to buy something online we constantly search for user reviews. It could be booking a hotel, restaurant or any other online purchase. This is especially true when there is major landscaping, remodeling, or dealing with HVAC projects. Of course we most of the time rely on Google search but should you need to optimize for Yelp? The answer is yes!

Yelp is a key organization that has partnerships with Siri, Apple Maps and Google. Also, Google shows Yelp reviews to the users who search for services. Yelp has become a popular tool for reputation management and customer reviews. It favors the purchase of products and services by users. It is seen that 3 out of 4 Yelp users directly visit the site before making any buying decision. 

Having this insight, Lowcostseo is now giving Yelp SEO optimization services. The SEO service we offer are directed towards optimizing your Yelp profile to maximize leads and online real estate from web.


How we do Yelp Optimization

The first thing we do is check whether your Yelp profile is claimed to be in the business listing. If your business is already in the listings and is not claimed then our experts will unlock it by entering personal information and agreeing to terms and conditions of Yelp with your consent.

Once your Yelp profile is claimed in the listing, we start the SEO campaign by following the below steps.

Check whether your profile is completely filled out        

Consumers use Yelp as a tool for research before buying a product or service. When they are looking for reviews they are trying to know the quality and credibility of your business. To present a big picture of your company, we ensure that your profile is added with much information.

Some of the important profile information elements are

·         Phone number

·         Full address

·         Business category

·         Logo

·         Map location

·         Price Ranges

·         Photos

·         About Us

Rich content in the ‘About Us’ section boosts the chances of being in the top of search results. This section is also a relevant space for discussing your business history and qualifications.

 Replying to Negative Reviews

Many businesses try to clear the negative reviews or simply ignore them. One way this is done is by paying for reviews. But this isn’t the best idea, as Yelp can penalize the business. Also ignoring the negative feedback can harm the business. The only way to minimize the effect is by replying to them and apologizing to client. We have experts who answer the reviews in a consoling way.

Encourage customers to write reviews

We encourage your customers by sending them newsletters to write reviews and rate your product or service. We keep this process clean without providing any incentives in exchange for reviews- if done is can be penalized.  So we reach out to customers to give their feedback that otherwise might result into nothing.

Promote your deals on Yelp

If you are offering special offers, we can promote then at Yelp. This encourages users to visit your Yelp page.

Keep track of SEO Yelp optimization

Once we start optimizing your Yelp page, we want to ensure that efforts have paid off. The SEO analysts at Lowcostseo check the amount of traffic coming in by using Google Analytics.

If you are ready to get Yelp SEO services from us, contact us any time to get your quotation.