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YouTube SEO

It is no surprise that YouTube is ranked as the second largest search engine. Not even Yahoo or Bing can get over YouTube when it comes to popularity of Internet users. After all, videos are interesting to watch compared to reading text content. Along with showing funny cat videos, tutorials of anything, songs, etc, YouTube has emerged as an advertising platform. So just like SEO for Google, there are SEO techniques for Youtube. These techniques are used to increase traffic to the YouTube channel of your business.

What do our experts first do?

Our marketing consultant reviews your video and checks whether keywords are targeted properly. Are words that are usually searched by users present in the meta data, file name, and in anchor text of the website?

Are your videos of appropriate length? Are your videos properly targeted? Is your brand recognition used to full potential? If you have a staff working on video construction and uploading we can train them about SEO techniques that need to be implemented on videos. This ensures effective video marketing.

Lowcostseo offers comprehensive list of youtube video seo services. With office located in U.K, our video marketing company specializes in video production, YouTube marketing, and video SEO service. Our company has video experts who work on launching a successful campaign YouTube campaign.

Strategies of YouTube Marketing

Identification of Key opinion leaders

Linking key opinion leaders in the online media, YouTube community, social media and video blogs.

Reach out to Key opinion leader

Reach out to important opinion leaders in the online media, YouTube community, social media and video blogs

Promotion of YouTube video

Promote YouTube videos and broadcast your brand across YouTube space to increase views.

Measurement of marketing campaign

Measuring views, community, demographics, discovery and subscribers by using YouTube statistics

Outcome measurement

Measure the effectiveness of marketing and web traffic using Google Analytics reports


Key rules our YouTube SEO experts consider are

·         YouTube marketing is new concept on the internet

·         Making big on YouTube requires assistance

·         Content for a Great video can be derived from many sources

·         Only popular video content survives, there is no premium video content

·         Ads on YouTube can also be popular videos

·         To publish video content on YouTube we have to keep a theme and schedule

·         Viewer engagement and next action is important elements of YouTube SEO

·         First 24 hours after publishing the video on YouTube is important

·         Too not take comment too seriously, they are just insights- consider the total insight.

Lowcostseo has successfully helped entrepreneurs in YouTube campaigning in U.K, Canada, U.S and Worldwide.

YouTube Video production assistance

·         Providing new project ideas, uploading videos and conducting interviews

·         Editing, shooting, encoding and titling the video over Internet

·         Customizing YouTube channels by including brand and partner channels

Lowcostseo YouTube SEO services

Keyword research

We use YouTube keywood tool to see user behavior and find the best keywords for marketing campaign.

YouTube video optimization

By using accurate and relevant tags, video descriptions and titles we help the videos to appear in the search results and related videos.