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Our entry level Starter SEO package is ideal for small businesses and start-ups that want to gain presence in the local area. This is perfect for clients who wish to target a limited area or a niche segment and are not only relying on online presence to market their business. We will use our on page and off page techniques to market your business.



Our Growth SEO package is perfectly suited for small to mid-range businesses looking to increase their web presence to the national level. This package will provide all the foundations of a well-structured SEO campaign. We will give you more regional focus, customisable features and a greater push in marketing your site within the search engines.



Our most popular Premium package is ideal for sites that are looking for greater level of web exposure in a higher competition industry. This is our full scalable, customisable SEO package. We will target all local, regional, national and international search terms within this package. If youre serious about your websites SEO then this package is the one for you



Our enterprise SEO package is ideal for anyone looking for a dedicated fully serviced marketing solution. We will help in increasing your site's visibility within the search engines across the globe. This package will be targeting all search terms with high level of competition. We will undertake extensive off page work so that your site gets positioned above your competitors.


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Local and National SEO Packages to Suit all Sizes of Websites

Do you want to generate more sales and enquiries? Do you want to appear on the first page within Google for relevant searches? If the answer’s YES, then we have the SEO package both for local and national businesses that’s guaranteed to improve your rankings for you.

Every Marketing Campaign is Unique

At Lowcostseo we understand that every Search engine optimisation campaign is different however there are a few factors which determine the competition level of each industry or a set of search phrases/keywords. We have therefore created different SEO packages or cost levels. We tailor our marketing services to suit your business needs, and improve your website’s reputation with the very best of white hat strategies. Even if you are on a limited budget we can help you achieve the results and the return on investment for your business.

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  • <h2>SEO confusion</h2>

    SEO confusion

    Every SEO campaign must start with a good keyword analysis. If you start with no keyword research or with superficial findings you are at risk of basing your entire SEO strategy on assumptions. The result would be a less effective campaign and not delivering the optimal performance as per your expectations. Wrongly chosen keywords can also lead of time wastage and subsequently lots of money too. We will first want to hear your targets and then devise a strategy based upon their realisation. The end results will be a custom SEO strategy in place for you campaign.

  • <h2>Keyword Research & Selection</h2>

    Keyword Research & Selection

    Every SEO campaign must start with a good keyword analysis. If you start with no keyword research or with superficial findings, you are at risk of basing your entire SEO strategy on assumptions. The result would be a less effective campaign and not delivering the optimal performance as per your expectations. Wrongly chosen keywords can also lead of time wastage and subsequently lots of money too. We will first want to hear your targets and then devise a strategy based upon their realisation. The end results will be a custom SEO strategy in place for your campaign. To read more on keyword analysis click here.

  • <h2>Website Optimisation Review</h2>

    Website Optimisation Review

    Our SEO experts will undertake an in-depth review of your website for the things that can prevent your site from performing well within Google. We will help in fixing errors and recovery of any Google penalty. Our team will guide in how to fix any slow loading pages that can affect Google from crawling your site effectively. Full inbound and outbound link profile will be analysed. Want to know more about website optimisation, read here.

  • <h2>On-page SEO Optimisation</h2>

    On-page SEO Optimisation

    After gathering all the information from the website optimisation review, we will then commence to optimise your pages for the selected keywords. We will ensure that your landing pages' work better within the search engines. Our aim is to get all your keywords indexed and ranking within the first 30 days. Our on-page optimisation is an on-going process whereby we will work dedicatedly to improve the quality of your website within the search engines. All meta tags work will be undertaken by our specialist in-house team.

  • <h2>Link Building</h2>

    Link Building

    Link building is one of the most important part of a SEO Campaign as links are what the search engines use to establish how a site ranks. The more links pointing to a website, the more importance that particular website has then others. Lowcostseo follow ethical white hat techniques to create links from external websites which are of high quality and relevant too. We will ensure to create to diverse relevant backlinks for your website that will include articles, comments, bookmarks, guest posts and many more.

  • <h2>Content</h2>


    Lowcostseo believes "Content is King" and that the content of your site in many cases decides the fate in how major search engines view and index your site. Uniquely written fresh content is given greater importance then duplicated content. It is one of the key elements making up the site and we are pleased to provide our SEO content writing service to give you fresh and uniquely written content/articles. Writing articles and publishing them is surely a time-consuming task for which many companies don't have the resources. Lowcostseo has experienced Content/Article writers who are well versed in many industries and have the know-how of the structure required to write great articles.

  • <h2>Local SEO</h2>

    Local SEO

    If you're a local business, we can strategically optimise your website locally and create powerful local backlinks and citations from various sources such as Google+, Google Maps, Yahoo!, Yelp, local business directories and many more. We guarantee to improve your local rankings within 30days. Our Local SEO Packages start from as little as £99 per month with no upfront costs or contracts. 

  • <h2>Mobile SEO</h2>

    Mobile SEO

    As the trend of mobile phones have become smarter, the number of people using their phones to access websites has greatly increased too. Our in-house developers will check your site's mobile version as it is really vital to generate more traffic on there then just focus on desktop users. It is imperative that businesses move ahead with the technological advancements around them and how humans change their ways of browsing the web. If you website is not responsive, not to worry as our sister company, psdtohmtlconverter will fix this for you at a fraction of the cost. 

  • <h2>Proven Results</h2>

    Proven Results

    Our services have helped many business both local and international get to the top of SERPS. We have helped start-ups get the visibility within the search engines and small companies compete against the large rival corporations. On average it takes us around 3-6 months for ranking a site, but that is subject to various factors such as competitiveness, region, content, coding and much more. Contact our team for a no obligation quote and honest ethical advise on your marketing campaign. 

  • <h2>Beyond SEO Service</h2>

    Beyond SEO Service

    We are committed to ranking your website to the first page on Google. You will be assured to get the best professional service from people who understand your products and services and will always look for ways to further improve your marketing campaign. Our team of SEO specialists offer full dedicated support and flexibility to add and edit any of your keywords along the way.

    Don't have a website developer? No problem, if you don't have anyone to do the necessary change or updates for you we will get our own experts to do this for you at no cost.

  • How Cheap SEO Packages can Benefit you?

    When it comes to getting noticed online, search engine optimisation (SEO) is everything. That said, this isn’t an area where throwing more money at a situation makes it better. In fact, you can get some excellent cheap SEO services that do exactly what you want.

    The trick lies in both finding an SEO agency that offers excellent services without charging unnecessary additional costs, as well as addressing what, exactly, it is you wish to achieve from the broad world of SEO. Of course, if you find a great, affordable SEO agency, such as lowcostseo, then you have a helping hand addressing the second question.

    Know What You Want

    When it comes to SEO, there are a number of options you can take. Depending on the nature of your website or business, you might find some methods apply more than others. For instance, do you want to:

    Increase your visibility, moving up on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). With each successive page, you lose visibility, as people do not click too deep into most searches.

    Improve your click-through rate (CTR) or organic traffic? Perhaps you already have a high profile but wish to find a way to motivate people to click through to your website, so you can convert them into customers.

    Do you wish to increase external exposure, driving people from relative websites to your own business?

    SEO can do any and all of these things, but not everything is useful for your goals. If you want to improve your CTR and simply drive commercial attention, Pay Per Click (PPC) services are ideal. Yet PPC doesn’t produce organic traffic from SERPs listings itself. For that, you want to improve your outreach, back-linking and domain authority.

    Again, a fantastic agency understands all of these needs and will work with you to address the right ones. This way, you aren’t wasting time and resources on areas that don’t actively benefit you. Likewise, by focusing on key goals and using the best techniques available, you can get effective results without having to break your budget.

    Understand The Scale

    SEO services are ideal for both companies large and small but, with this, comes a wide scale of SEO techniques and options. What might work for one organization might not strictly work for you.

    Put it this way. If you’re a small business with a location-specific market, your SEO strategy should reflect this, targeting local audiences and localized keyword searches. On the other hand, an online store needs to preferably avoid this, instead of reaching out to as broad an audience as possible, using a different list of keywords and outreach programs. This isn’t about money – it’s about finding the right services for your company.

    Likewise, you also have to consider you’re existing position within your market. For a global company, you’re likely looking to improve your position on SERPs to generate better organic traffic. Yet the improvements here might mean thousands of clicks, while a local commercial enterprise might simply be aiming to acquire a few hundred. In terms of percentages, this latter figure could ultimately mean more. In short, it helps to have some perspective.

    Not Everything Costs Money

    Finally, there are a few things that you can do internally to support your SEO efforts. Internal blogs are always useful, for instance, and for this, you can use a combination of SEO techniques and your own staff. After all, you’re the best expert when it comes to your own products and services!

    Similarly, never underestimate the value of social media. People relish communication, so an active Twitter profile will go a great way to enhancing and working alongside your SEO efforts. Consider encouraging your customer service department to start keeping an active Twitter profile. With a little help from your SEO partners, this can be turned into a fantastic tool for pleasing existing customers, drawing in new ones and sharing great content that only improves your visibility as a result.

    Again, this also works with the scale of your operations. A smaller business, whether it is a single premise or a chain of operations, might only need a few staff members to devote some time to social media and customer engagement. A large, national organization, on the other hand, might want to look into dedicated social media services, to help maintain a consistent tone and response that suits their SEO efforts and other outreach programs.

    Ultimately, those that don’t utilize SEO stand to be overtaken by those that do. Yet companies large and small can all benefit from optimization. SEO is about visibility, which is important for any business looking that understands the importance of constant exposure. It’s not about how much money you have in the bank. It’s about finding the best agency with cheap SEO services that give you exactly what you need!

Frequently Asked Questions

A: We don't have a cap the number of keywords you can target. Lowcostseo recommends a set of goal driven targets to give you the best return of your investment. We will also be considerate of your budget, search volume and overall competitiveness of your keywords.
A: We have been ranking on page 1 consistently for the past number of years for the most competitive keywords in our industry. Cheap SEO - No 1 , Low Cost SEO - No 1, Cheap SEO Services - No 1, Cheap SEO Packages - No 1.
A: We give more importance to the quality of the links not quantity. Post the Google Panda and Penguin updates, one link from a reputable company can improve your search engine rankings compared to hundreds of low quality links.
A: We will always make sure that the right strategy is in place before we begin your campaign! Once you have finalised the details and given us the go-ahead to implement this, the SEO activities will be well under way within a week.
A: Every business/website is unique, some websites will perform more effectively than others based on niche targets, competitors, content or existing authority your site may hold.
A: All our work at Lowcostseo is transparent, safe and within search engine guidelines outlined by all major search engines. For further FAQ's see our page which includes some video discussions. http://lowcostseo.co//faqs

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